Saturday, May 21, 2016

Monticello Florida

Monticello Florida Courthouse

We took a drive down Highway 90 today to Monticello, Florida.  Not a real long trip.  About a 50 mile round trip.  It was a great drive.

Going from Tallahassee to Monticello we traveled East down US 90.   Speed limit was 55mph and we averaged about 16.5mpg.   US90 in Leon County had recently been resurfaced.  Very smooth and the shoulders are wide.  Great for driving the motorhome.   Not quite as fast as the interstate, but much better views.

Coming back we traveled on back roads through the town of Miccosukee, Florida  Average speed was 45mph and we got 18mpg. This was not as nice of a drive as down US-90.  This route was much narrower and much more hilly.  We even got to travel some canopy roads on this route.  The Fuse did not seem to care and fit perfectly even on these tight roads.  I would not have done it in a large Class-A.

The Fuse loves these back roads even more than the Interstate.  It seems all of the road noise and wind noise just disappears when traveling under 55mph.

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