Saturday, May 1, 2021

Day 1 at the Rally

Thursday night was spent getting together with our old friends and meeting new friends.  A great time was had by all.   Rebecca apparently had ordered the best weather possible and it was delivered.  Clear skies, perfect temperatures and low humidity.  For someone from Florida, this was the best treat available. Perfect sleeping weather with the windows open.

Fuse Rally Thursday night

Friday was the first day of the Rally with Fuses coming in all day long.  A total of 21 & 1/2 (we had a Travato join our group) Fuses in one place and 38 Fusers are in attendance.  

Fuse Friday gatheringFuse Friday gathering

Fuse Friday gathering

Festivities started at 5:30 with a group dinner.  Bring your own and sit together and have great company to discuss the Fuse lifestyle.    

Fuse Rally DinnerFuse Rally Dinner

Fuse Rally Dinner

After Dinner was the Fuse "News You Can Use" event.  A great open discussion of topics, Q&A and putting people in touch with others to answer specifics.  Someone suggested a new game.  Who has the loudest generator contest.  We will be playing on Saturday.  

And one last photo as I was walking around the campground.  Take a look, this Fuse has been a few places

Fuse that has been some places

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