Sunday, May 2, 2021

Day 2 at the Rally - I won

The second day of the 2021 Spring Fuse Rally in Whittington, IL was perfect like most Fuse rallies are.  The morning was spent with more Q&A, some show and tell on the best things you have found for your Fuse (I took notes), presentations on boondocking, electrical and general fellowship.  It is amazing that so many people can come together to discuss a little motorhome and have so much fellowship and enjoy each other so much.   

Fuse Rally day 2Fuse Rally day 2

A challenge was put down by Paul Benson to find the loudest generator.  After lunch several folks would walk around and check inside and outside to get readings on the noise all the coaches put out.  Guess who won?  Me, with the loudest generator noise inside the coach.

The afternoon was spent with people showing off their Fuses.  Robert Garbe went around and checked ATS switches making sure the connections were tight and there was no apparent heat issues.  Joyce N. had a generator problem and everyone stood around trying to get it started.  Only one of us volunteered and was small to enough to get underneath. (Way to go Lisa.)

Under the Fuse

After a great afternoon we had a catered dinner of pork chops (some of the best I have ever had) and wrapped up.  For all her hard work, Rebecca was given a present.  She had forgotten her peanut butter and some was presented to her for the trip back home.

Fuse Presentation

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