Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Cloudland Canyon State Park

On our way home we stayed at Cloudland Canyon State Park.  This park is located on the top of Lookout Mountain, South of Chattanooga.  

We traveled from Pennyrile State Park to here through some very beautiful country.  Mostly on the Interstate.  The Fuse did very well.  We went up and down some serious grades without slowing down.  Most 18 wheelers were struggling and we just kept fuseing along.  And believe it or not, the gas mileage was not impacted to any extent.

Once we left the Interstate, access to get to the Park was over some harrowing roads.  Narrow with shear drop-offs.  In the Fuse no problems.  It takes these roads like Sonya's SUV.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

The campground was nice.  Sites were level and well kept.  We had rain so we did not get out too much to look around.  Lily still got some good sniffing in as always and the waling between showers got us some decent exercise.

Cloudland Canyon State Park sites

The bathhouse was reasonably nice.  Grade given was a state park B.  Clean and well kept, reasonable modern.  Plenty of water pressure and plenty of hot water.    

Cloudland Canyon State Park Showers

We left mid-morning and being on top of the mountain there was no rain.  Why, because we were in the clouds.  Visibility was very limited, 100 feet or less.  As we went down the mountain, we left the fog and entered the rain.  Eventually it stopped and we went on our way.

We stopped North of Atlanta at Cabellas just before noon to look around and eat some lunch.  I got a new $5.00 Cabellas T-Shirt.  Got to love a bargain.  

Sonya noticed one of the tank heating pads was dragging and I got to get underneath and secure it.  Glad I had the duct tape.   Well if nothing else I now have a topic for a new blog entry in the future when I fix it.

Then there was a downpour.  I mean real gully washer.  A number of folks took refuge in the parking lot  along with us to wait it out.  We were going to stop in Kennesaw at a museum be decided that we would do that later due to the rain and we would go on to our stop on the other side of Atlanta.

Once the rain was over we went on down I-75 through Atlanta.  This time was new for us.  Since it was still raining some and traffic was disrupted from the earlier rain we got to go through 20 miles of suburban and downtown Atlanta at 35-40 miles per hour.   Best part was I was getting 18mpg.  Worst part, It was still white knuckle driving in the traffic.

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