Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Storage Up Front in the Fuse

To finish up our tour of the storage in the Fuse 23a, I will go over the storage in the front of the Fuse 23a.    As you will see in several of the pictures we still have lots of empty space up here since there are so many other nice spaces to store things.

Winnebago Fuse Front Storage

Over the couch is nice cabinet.   We have added some storage containers in the left hand side and have left the right hand side open for larger items.   The organizers came as an 8 piece set from Amazon.  They are the IRIS stacking bin, medium, clear set and were less than $20.00.  We are storing our dry goods and some of our other small food stuffs in the organizers.  In the other side we have been storing larger items and our grocery bags.  

We have been storing our food stuffs in three locations.  Most of the food goes in the refrigerator.  Not to keep it cold however.  We are concerned that if we leave food in the motorhome we will encourage bugs and rodents.  Keeping the food in totes in the refrigerator makes it easy to go in and out and limits any odors.  We are keeping some food in the cabinet over the sink, mostly bread and chips.  The rest goes in this cabinet over the couch.

Winnebago Fuse Front StorageWinnebago Fuse Front Storage

Over the cab area there are two very large cabinets, one on each side with the TV between them.  I am keeping my outdoor stuff in the one over the drivers seat.  Things like my hat, backpack, camera, etc.  Those things we bring with us when we go out exploring.  In the cabinet over the passenger side I am keeping the porta-legs and a few other miscellaneous things.  At the moment it is pretty much empty.  One interesting thing about the passenger side storage is there is a air vent in the top of this compartment.  I don't know if it actually pushes any cool/hot air, but the vent is there.

This sort of wraps up the tour of the storage in our new Winnebago Fuse 23a.  There is so much space that we are not even coming close to using it all.   We have been amazed how well and how much storage Winnebago has placed in this 23 foot motorhome. 

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