Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sirius XM Radio Hint

Just a small hint on the Sirius XM radio.   My trial period ended a week or so ago.   To be honest it was nice to have.    Not a real necessity but a nicety.    I looked on their web site to see what it would take to turn it back on.  The price was $175/year.    I did not need that much nice.   I started looking around the Internet and saw they had several unlisted deals.  I figured I would give it a try.

First thing I did was to call the number listed on the radio screen to turn it back on.   Called it up and was quoted the $175/year number.  I asked about promotions and said my friend just got one and was told there were none.  Bothersome, but that is what the folks on the Internet said would happen.  Told him I was not interested to see if that caused them budge and he said they would add me to the mailing list.   I said good bye.

So I called the retention number that I found on the Internet.  1-888-601-6302.    Told that guy the same story and my "friend" had gotten several offers.  The basic package for 5 months for $25.00 or the select package for a year for $99.00.    Before I finished talking he said he could do the $99 package.  I took it.  Told them I wanted a one time payment and not have the credit card billed again next year. He marked it for paper billing and that cost an additional $2.00.   After that it took about 5 minutes to get the radio activated again.  Put a note in the calendar to cancel next year about this time and will re-negotiate again in 12 months.

You may ask why I wanted Sirius Radio.   To be honest it is worth the $99/year to me.  What I really want is not the music, but I want the news channels.  CNN/FOX/MSNBC/CNBC and several others.  I am a news junky and I admit it.  If I can get the news channels, I really don't need satellite TV to be content.

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