Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Have Gas - Filling Up the Propane Tank in the Fuse

Winnebago Fuse LP tank

I had the LP gas tank refilled on the Fuse.  My experience with propane prior to the motorhome was bringing LP gas cylinders back to Walmart to exchange them when the BBQ was out of gas. I now have some more experience.

Winnebago Fuse One Place monitor
Fuse One Place Monitor
After our trip to Graceville last week the OnePlace monitor inside showed 1/2 tank remaining of LP (photo was after the fill up)  Being conservative and not knowing much, I figured it was time to get the LP filled.  We brought it to the Flying J about 10 miles away figuring this is what we would be presented with when out on the road.  To be honest it went pretty well.

Winnebago Fuse LP access cover
LP Access Panel
We drove up to the LP fill area.  Went inside and asked what we needed to do.  The nice folks called for an attendant to meet me there and sent me back to the Fuse.  By the time I walked back a very nice gentleman was waiting to take care of the matter.  I opened up the access to the LP gas tank and he took over from there.  He asked for everyone to exit the motorhome.  That was fine with the Beagle since she was ready to explore.  After that he took care of everything else.

When he was finished, I asked him to make sure the gas was back on.  He did so and then handed me a receipt so I could pay for the gas inside.  He added 3.5 gallons of propane.  There was a little discount with the Good Sam card and the bill was a little over $11.00.

The Fuse comes with a 13 gallon LP tank.   The manual says that it is equipped with an automatic 80% stop fill device so it can only really hold around 10 gallons.  So assuming the capacity is 10 gal I was really at around 2/3 full as opposed to 1/2 full.

Winnebago Fuse LP gauge
LP Gauge on Tank
The One Place monitor said 1/2  but there is a second gauge you should look at located on the tank itself.  It was actually reading a little above 1/2.  Everything I have read said the tank gauge is much more accurate than the One Place monitor.  The One Place indicator started reading 1/2 when the tank gauge said 3/4th, so take note.  (The photo is showing full since the photo was from after the fill up).


  1. Just a small piece of data since I did some research.
    The Refrigerator should use around 1gal of LP per week
    The Generator should use between .5 and .8 gal/hour depending on load

  2. I just want to say great blog! Very informational and helpful. Thank you for doing this. We are really close on a 2017 Fuse with twin bed configuration. It's down to the LP generator. What are your thoughts? Do you find yourself always filling it up?

  3. I think it all depends on how you travel. We only use the generator to run the A/C. If you are going to do much boondocking needing the A/C then I would be concerned. If you are only going to need it when stopped to eat lunch then it is not such a big deal. Until the summer we did not need the A/C so I was forced to exercise the generator. The Fuse can run most everything else on the 12v battery except A/C and microwave. Once summer came along then we need to run when we stop for any extended period. You have 10-20 hours of generator in the LP tank so If you run the generator 2 hours a day then you will have to refill every week. I find that LP is available at many places so refilling a twice a week is not too bad. But I put that in the perspective that we are not boondocking and have had power most nights. From what I read most people either rarely use the generator or use it all of the time so I do think it is about your traveling style. You should post this at the Facebook site and see what others with more experience can tell you.