Monday, April 26, 2021

Take this COVID

We are back on the road again.  Take this COVID.   After getting our shots and waiting several weeks we are able to get back on the trail.   The last time we were out was December of 2020, roughly 16 months ago.   This is the first time I have left town since February of 2020 in any way.

Where are we off to you may ask?  To the Spring 2021 Fuse Rally of course.  But before we get to that, what have we been doing with the Fuse?  Well the only thing we have done with the Fuse was to run it up and down the road every month or go so this is a real test.  Not sure what will be working or not since it has been mostly idle for a year.  You know the saying, if not being used, it is rotting away and we have had it sitting more than 16 months.

We washed it a couple of times, ran it monthly, but not any camping or fun.   Other than weak batteries, there were no issues until a month ago.  And that one was a doozy.  The awning opened as I pulled out of the driveway.  I pulled over a quarter mile down the road and had a mess.  How it broke, I have no idea.  But I will post on this fun later.  Right now we are the Fuse without an awning.

So to get ready I brought the Fuse to the Ford dealer and had the oil changed, the fuel filter changed and the batteries changed.  Even though I was running the Fuse, the batteries were not holding a change very well and had died during the summer.  They would take a charge but just did not turn over the engine well so I had the Ford folks replace them for peace of mind.  Replaced a rear break light,  I think this is the 3rd time I have done this.  Check the Ford maintenance off the list.

We got everything inside and out cleaned up and are ready to get on the road, so off we went.   

Our first leg was from Tallahassee to Tupelo MS.  We started down the road at 8:30 and got to our destination at 5:30.  A full day on the road.   Stops in Dothan, AL for fuel, Troy, AL for Lunch, a stop outside of Birmingham at a Rest Area,  and then a fuel stop just before Tupelo, MS to fill up before we stopped for the night.  Here is the proof we are on the road, our fuse at the Troy Walmart.

Everything went well until we stopped to get dinner.  We stopped down the road from the campground and got out to pick up some Taco Bell (probably the first problem) but when we started back up I got a check engine light.   Oh well, we will figure that out in the morning.  DEF level looks good but last time it looked good and still needed DEF. Maybe a loose wire from the filter changes.  We will figure it out or bring it to the local Ford place.  We have plenty of time this trip so we will see.

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