Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Ft. Donaldson

 The third day of our trip was to visit Ft. Donaldson Battlefield. We are still knocking the rust off of Fuseing/RVing/Camping/Traveling so for this third day we decided to take it easy.  Up and at'em and we got on the road at 0900.  

Well as we say in Florida, TN was an "oasis of freedom" and the McDonalds right down the road was open so we got our favorite breakfast.  Meaning we were off to a good start. Unlike the first 2 days we had some rain in our travels.  Not bad and the Fuse took it fine.  It did cut into Lily's sniffing and walking but she is still exhausted from yesterday.  She is out of practice as well.

Ft. Donaldson was about an hour down the road.  A nice drive and then we got to the park.  Well the visitors center is being renovated so they have a temporary setup in the parking lot.  A little disappointing but I did get the park stamps.   The real treat at the battlefields is the battlefield tour.  This was a pretty good one.  It took an hour or two.  Lots to see and lots to learn.

Several things stood out.  One was a cabin reconstruction that the soldiers wintered over in.  There was some construction there as well.  Carpenter bees were all over it eating it away.   100 or more of them.  There was even a danger sign warning people about the bees and their activity.  We had an old barn that suffered from the Bee problem but I have never seen that many of them on one spot.

Civil War CabinCarpenter Bees

The other thing that stood out, not that the battlements were not impressive was the surrender house.  It has been restored and is super impressive.  The house was a hotel catering to river boats back in the day and the bar looks like it is just waiting for someone to stop in and order a drink.  Sometimes you see something that allows you to envision how things were back in the days and this house allowed me to see back into time.

Surrender HouseSurrender House bar

So from there we went on to our night stop at Kenlake State resort park.  But first we needed to make a Walmart stop and get some fuel.  So we found a town nearby by the name of Murray.   Famous for Murray State University and guess what.  The stadium and college were right next to the Walmart.  

Then off to our stop for the night about 15 min down the road.

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