Thursday, June 15, 2017

Perfect Size for 1 - A Cake in a Cup

I need dessert.  OK I don't need dessert, but I find it nice to have something sweet for dessert that is a treat.  Fresh, warm, a change from the normal makes dessert a real treat.

In the motorhome it is hard sometimes to come up with something that does not take a lot of time or needs a lot of supplies to make.  It also needs to be done in the microwave, since that is what we have to work with.

We were walking through Walmart in the cake mix section and found "Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1" cakes.  A personal sized cake that you make in a coffee cup and "bake" in the the microwave.   I thought this was pretty unique, so I bought a box.

Duncan Hines Perfect Size For One

The box contained 4 individual packets.   There were several flavors at Walmart to choose from.  I purchased "Caramel Cake".   There were also "Brownie",  "Vanilla Bean Cake", "Confetti Cake" and "Carrot Cake".   If you look on the Duncan Hines web site there are even more flavors.

They were really easy to make.   Pour the contents of the pouch in a 12 oz coffee cup.  Add 3 tablespoons of water and stir.   Microwave for 70 seconds and you are done.   Just that simple.

Perfect Size for 1 instructions

Perfect Size for 1 step 1Mixing Perfect Size for 1

It came out great.  Pretty good, but the cake had that store bought taste.  On the next one, we took the advise on the pouch and substituted milk for the water.   It made the cake taste richer and more home made.

Perfect Size for 1 after bakingPerfect Size for 1 first bite

It was good and I will add this to the list of motorhome food.   I want to try the other flavors and come up with a variety we like so we can have something different while we are out.  The other thing for traveling in the Fuse will be to ditch the box.  The packets have the cooking instructions on them and it will remove 1/3 of the space needed to carry them.

But with everything good there is a downside.   320 calories and 35g of sugar.  I know why it was good.

Perfect Size for 1 nutrition

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