Monday, June 5, 2017

Camco FasTen Blocks

FasTen leveling blocks

I have avoided buying leveling blocks up to now.  I still have not needed them.  So far I have been able to move the Fuse back and forth a foot or two everywhere we have stayed and get level.  This is one of the benefits of having a small motorhome.

 I wanted to look up underneath the Fuse at the generator.  To get my rather rotund body underneath I needed to lift the Fuse several inches.  That way I would be able to maneuver around while under the vehicle.  Since I was going to be the one under the Fuse,  I was not going to skimp.  Remember,  safety first.

I purchased the Camco 44515 FasTen leveling blocks.   These are designed for motorhomes with duallies.  Both wheels are supported which is a good thing.  The weight is spread out the way the vehicle is designed.  I could have purchased the standard 2x2 blocks and been fine.  I just want as much margin as possible especially since I knew I would be using these blocks while I was underneath the Fuse.

I purchased the blocks in brown.  At the time they were cheaper than yellow but I have seen that the price changes back and forth.   The color was not important to me.

Camco dually leveling blocks

 They come as a set of 10 blocks. They go together like legos.  Just like most of the blocks on the market.   The first block will raise the vehicle 1.5 inches.  The next layer of blocks will raise the vehicle an additional inch because of the way they stack.

Camco leveling blocks height

A set of blocks 3 layers deep will take 6 blocks and raise the vehicle 3.5 inches.

Camco Leveling Blocks attached

They work.  It is rather a simple and elegant solution to the problem.  One of the best parts of the FasTen is how they are stored.  There is a screw in handle that goes through the center of the blocks that keeps them together.  It also acts as a carrying handle.

Camco FasTen Blocks handle

I am not sure if they will get used much, but they are good to have just in case.  They really help if you are going to get under the Fuse to do maintenance or just look around, especially if your belly is as big as mine.

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