Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Husky Floor Mats

Since we have purchased the Fuse we have been looking for floor mats.  Our first choice was to purchase a set of WeatherTech floor mats.  Problem was that we were unsure of which ones to order and how well they would fit.  So we waited to see if some one else would take the plunge and then we would follow.

Before we got around to it another option became available.  Husky Weatherbeater floor mats.  They  showed up as an option when Patsy Stair on the Facebook group posted some pictures.  They looked great.   The best part was that they were $50.00 less than the WeatherTech ones we were looking at.

Husky Weatherbeater

So we ordered them from Amazon.   The exact ones were Husky Liners Front Floor Liners Fits 15-16 Transit-150/250/350.   We ordered and they were delivered to the front door a few days later.  You have got to love Amazon Prime.

Husky WeatherBeater Box

They were nice and heavy duty.  I had not seen them before other than in pictures.   They fit perfectly and took maybe 5 minutes to install.  I did it by myself with no problems.

Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liner Drivers Side. Ford TransitHusky Weatherbeater Floor Liner Passenger Side Transit

It is a one piece unit.  Covers the floor boards on the drivers side and on the passenger side and the space in-between.  They are designed to sit on top of carpet as opposed to the vinyl that is on our Fuses.  This did not matter since they fitted so well there is no movement.

These are a little bit thinner than the WeatherTech floor mats I have seen in the past.  They are also more vinyl than rubber which is another difference.  I don't think that this makes much difference for our purposes.  The price more than makes up for it.

I did fine one thing funny.   The installation instructions had a note:  "The use of Armor-All is discouraged since it make the surface slippery". 


  1. Thanks, Don. I bought the WeatherTech floorliner, but it isn't quite a perfect fit, so slips around some. I wrote WT & they replied that the liner was not designed for the cutaway cab, as the RV builders can make changes that affect the fit. I'm returning mine in favor of the Huskys.

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