Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Princesses and the Fuse

Ft. Wilderness Princesses

This past weekend, I took my daughter and our friend to Walt Disney World where they ran the Disney Princess Run.  This was not the Fuse's first stay at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground Resort, but it was the first time Don was not along to take care of things. (And I generally, do let him take care of as much as I can get away with.)

We had prepared for the trip.  I had started driving the Fuse and enjoyed it.  Don even was able to take a nap in the back while I drove on our previous trip.

Don had prepared flashcards on basic set-up subjects to help us on the trip.  The subjects covered were:

  • Parking
  • Adding Water to Tank
  • City Water
  • Slide out
  • Awning
  • Cable TV Setup
  • Electrical Connection
  • Dumping Septic Tank

Parking the Fuse into its assigned camping spot was my responsibility.  I did it.  Not smoothly or on the first try.  But, I did eventually get it in the spot without hitting trees or people or damaging the Fuse.  (In the Fuse's defense, I don't think it is the problem.  I also had problems backing up the golf cart with the girls telling me to watch out for the tree and the RV.)  Luckily, we had an easy spot without trees close to the pad.  The pad, however, was not that large as the campground was overbooked and we were asked at check-in to downgrade to a smaller spot usually used by pop-ups and tents only.

Winnebago Fuse at Ft. Wilderness
Winnebago Fuse at Ft. Wilderness

Cathy grabbed the flashcards and went to work on hooking up the electric and cable.  The cable connected quickly.  The electric was connected, but the surge protector never came on.  We waited, still nothing.  Cathy re-read the flashcard instructions and so did her friend, both noting that Don included a note that you could 'verify that the power is on if the microwave clock is on'.  So now one girl is on the outside of the Fuse re-doing the set-up steps while one is inside the Fuse staring at the microwave giving regular reports that the clock is not on.  (Can I just say I love these girls.)  Alas, no power was coming from the pedestal.

A call to the front desk of the campground had a electrician there in less than half an hour.  By then I had been able to jiggle the switches enough to get the power on and verify that we had hooked up correctly.  Hooray for us!  The Disney electrician still replaced the electric box mentioning that it had a short in it, that may or may not, have had anything to do with the dead lizard he found inside the box.  Within an hour we were hooked up and ready to go.  Okay, the girls had already left to get their race packages, but I was ready to head for the Polynesian to start vacationing.

Ft. Wilderness Power

After a late dinner at the Polynesian Resort, we returned to finish setting up. While I went to retrieve our golf cart from the front of the campground, the girls went directly to the RV and following the flashcards were able to get the slide out, awning deployed and the sofa bed ready.  Yes, it was much later than we planned and they needed to be up at 3:00 am to get ready for the race.  To bed we went, but I had an inkling that an additional flashcard was needed as the door light and awning lights remained on regardless of my daughter flipping multiple switches.  (This was confirmed the next night as I noticed our guest sitting on the couch reading without a light and pointed out the pod lights to her.  She'd noticed they hadn't come on, but thought they weren't working.)

Now for my confession.  We did not field test the flashcard on dumping the tanks.  Because we were in a loop for pop-ups and tents there was no sewage hook-ups.  Disney did volunteer  to provide us a site to use on Sunday morning so we could dump before we left, but I declined.  Frankly, I didn't want to back into another spot and since the tanks still registered as emptied Don agreed we could take care of it later.  So sorry YouTube, no "Can an Actuary, an Attorney, and an Accountant ....." video this time.

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