Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pink Stuff Mod

Editors note:  I am going to post another mod from  Richard Kozloski who has a 2017 Winnebago Fuse and is a member of the Facebook group.  He has modified his Fuse to make winterizing easier.    Please comment in the Facebook Winnebago Owners Group so Richard can respond to everyone directly:

Here are pictures of a mod I made to the pump pickup line to allow pumping anti freeze (pink stuff) for winterizing. Needed on 2017.0 or earlier Fuse. Some early 2017.5 Fuses might also need this mod.

I'm not going to screw the rear floor back down to make it easier to get to the pump for winterizing as it is a snug fit already.

Unmodified line to pickup side of pump.
Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod

Unmodified view two.
Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod

Disconnect line from suction side of pump.  You will cut this line and might remove about 3 inches.

Winnebago Fuse Winterization disconnect line

Parts needed:

  • 3 ft of clear tubing
  • fitting and cap for pickup end
  • Three way valve
  • Hose clamps
(Compression fittings off three way valve were not used because of difficulty getting them over the hose.  Would probably make a better seal if you have better luck than I did.)

Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod parts

Cut the pickup side hose at a location that will allow you to insert the three way valve and still get all the hose under the floor without binding. I removed a short length of hose equal to the length of the three way valve.

Make sure the three way valve allows flow to pump from from either the pickup hose or  tank hose only when selected. If you have pump on wrong side you can't blow through when pickup is selected.  Valve as shown. (When you blow into the pump side of the hose it should only go out the position you have selected.)

Assembled replacement.

Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod assembled parts

Reconnect the new assembly to the pump and orient the valve to your convenience. Connect the other end to the hose from the tank. Tighten all the clamps and fittings.

In this view the valve is set to pull water from the fresh water tank.

Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod valve

In this view the valve is positioned to pull anti freeze from the pickup hose placed in the container.

Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod valve

 I recommend you try pumping water from the tank and the anti freeze line to check for leaks and to make doubly sure you have everything connecter correctly before you button things up.

Just for completeness here is photo of fresh water tank drain. It's function was not changed by this mod.

Winnebago Fuse Winterization Mod drain

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