Friday, March 10, 2017

Lifting the Fuse - Before

Editors note:  I am going to post a series of emails from Richard Kozloski who has a 2017 Winnebago Fuse and is a member of the Facebook group.   He has decided to have his Fuse lifted and he is being nice enough to share his experience.  Please comment in the Facebook Winnebago Owners Group so Richard can respond to everyone directly:

Will be dropping the Fuse off at the spring shop Wed morning.  I am having helper springs installed in the back and new coil over springs in the front. This should get ~3" more clearance. Will provide all the details after i get it home either Thur or Fri.

Wanted to get air bags in back but there isn't enough space for them. This is the only option the spring shop and local Ford recommended.  This shop is the Ford fleet authorized shop in Albuquerque. Learned quite a bit about why we can't  have a lot of the various options people think are available.



Dropped the Fuse off at the spring shop this morning. Should have it back Friday. They will be replacing the front springs with taller ones.  Will know the exact amount of lift until tomorrow. Between 2-4”

The boss wasn’t in but the guy doing the work thinks he can get a set of AirLift airbags under the back with just a little mod to the kit. He needs boss to approve and cost it out. The plan is he will finish the front end and then lower it back down.  At that point he and the boss will crawl under the rear and see if they can add airbags and remote controlled inflator pump.

If they can’t install airbags then I’m going with lifter blocks between axle and spring.  The exact height depends on lift at front to keep rig level.  This is what I would recommend to others as it is cheapest and doesn’t change ride enough to notice according to spring shop. However, I want the airbags as I’ve had them on last two rigs and love what they do for handling. I’m willing to pay the extra for them. (It’s only money and if I don’t spend it the government gives it away.)  Don’t forward this to my wife.   ;-)

Couldn’t get under the rig at the spring shop to get before pictures of the stock components.  Definitely can’t get under it at home at current height. Here are photos of the stock heights.

      Stock Height Front              
Winnebago Fuse Clearance

     Stock Step Down            Stock Lowest Point Rear
Winnebago Fuse ClearanceWinnebago Fuse Clearance

       Stock Suspension Rear
Winnebago Fuse Clearance

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