Thursday, December 22, 2016

TV Rattle

For a while I have heard a rattle from the rear.  Metal on metal and I had figured it was from the kitchen or bathroom blinds.  Well on or last trip to Disney,  Sonya drove and I got some time to search for rattles.  This one was the loudest.

Fuse TV mount

It was actually not coming from the kitchen blinds. I was concerned it might be from undressed cables since I had been behind the TV multiple times with headphones, the iPhone connection, and streaming sticks.  But it was not from that either.

It was coming from the TV.  More specifically the TV mount.

At the top of the mount,  a metal bracket on the TV slips over the mount on the wall.  There are some screws to hold it tight at the bottom of the mount but it just slides over at the top.

The problem seems to be the screws at the bottom of the TV are too long and not holding everything tight.  There is some play.  So when there is a bump there is metal on metal contact at the top making a rattle.

Q-Tip Fix

So how could I get some of the play out without replacing the screws?   How about a Q-Tip in the joint to take up the play and keep the metal hitting metal from happening.   Easy to try.  So I put a Q-Tip in the joint.  Voila - No more rattle.  We will see how well it holds up, but a pretty easy fix.   If it holds,  I will cut the Q-Tip flush and call it a day.

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