Monday, December 19, 2016

A-Tisket, A-Tasket an E-Bike Basket

We have been loving our  e-JOE Epik SE Electric Bike. It runs great and is probably more powerful than we need.  It is working out great and comes with us whenever we go on a trip.  It fits really nice on the back of the Fuse.

e-Joe Epik Basket

One thing we did need is a good way to carry things back to the camp site from a store or restaurant.  When riding any bike you need to make sure you are doing it safely and without distractions.  Carrying stuff can be distracting if you are worrying about stuff falling out.

e-Joe Epik Basket

The E-Joe does have a rear carrier but it needed something to carry things in.  We thought about getting the college student favorite, a milk crate to put back there, but to be honest that would look a little tacky and not quite our style.

e-Joe Epik Basket

Well Sonya found what we needed.  A removable basket for the front of the E-Joe.   She purchased a
Ohuhu Rust-Proof Quick Release Basket .

The installation was super simple.  There is a holder that connects to the Bike and the basket.  The holder has foam covered hooks that go over the handlebars.  The bottom of the holder is velcroed to the stem of the handlebars.  Just that simple.   The basket is connected to the holder with some hooks on the bottom of the basket.  the basket handles fit into a set of holes on the top of the support so that when the handles are down it locks the basket in place and when the handles are up you can remove the basket.   Sounds complicated, but trust me, it is not.

e-Joe Epik Basket

To put the basket on or take it off you just lift the handles up and tilt the basket forward.  Then it will come off the holder.  You put the basket back by just doing the opposite.   Since the basket comes off you can take it with you to carry things while shopping.

e-Joe Epik Baskete-Joe Epik Basket

But the bigger question is how much will it hold.  At Ft. Wilderness it was plenty big to hold 4 big bounty breakfasts from P&Js takeout.  To give some more perspective, it will hold a takeout bag and 2 large Ice Dream cups from Chick-Fil-A with a little room to spare. 

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