Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ft. Wilderness Trip - December 2016

Winnebago Fuse at Disney

We just got back from a trip to Disney World and stayed in the Fuse at Ft. Wilderness.  Both kids came with us and since the Fuse only sleeps 3, we brought a tent with us for our son.     We had a great time.

Driving Winnebago Fuse

One of our goals for this trip was to have Sonya become more comfortable driving and setting up camp.  She is going down with our daughter and a friend in February for a girls weekend in the Fuse and needed the experience.   So she drove most of the way down.  I handed the RV over to her once we got out of Tallahassee.

She drove and I sat in the back trying not to be a pest.  I did get some stuff done while going down.  It was the first time I spent any real effort trying to track down some rattles.  I found and corrected several as we were driving down.  (Sonya's note:  Don usually comments that it is unsafe for folks to be moving around in the back of the coach when driving down the road, but he is a bad passenger and couldn't sit still.  At least, he wasn't micro-managing my driving.)
Winnebago Fuse Ocala Rest Stop

We left Tallahassee Friday morning and got to Disney mid-afternoon.   We stopped at the rest area just south of Ocala and ate lunch.  Going down the Fuse got 14.3mpg.  Not too bad but it had 50 in-town miles on this tank from the past several weeks.

We did find out that the low fuel light does work and had to fill up once we got to Disney.    Believe it or not, the fuel prices at the gas stations at Disney are pretty good.  Our Fuse likes their diesel as it seems to get better milage than with the Murphy Diesel that I normally use.

Winnebago Fuse at Ft. Wilderness

We got down and set up camp.  We had a Full Hookup site, the lowest tier of motorhome spots at the Fort.  Anywhere else it would be a super premium site.  1636 was a great site.  It was half way between and fairly close to two bath houses.  Pretty close to the entry/exit of our loop.   And being Christmas, it was 2 spots down from the one of the biggest Christmas displays in the Fort.  That puts you in the Holiday mood.

Sonya set up the site.  I tried to stay out of they way.  I failed, but she did great.

Disney ChristmasDisney Christmas

Disney ChristmasDisney ChristmasDisney Christmas

Disney ChristmasDisney ChristmasDisney Christmas

Disney ChristmasFt. Wilderness Christmas

We spent this trip looking at holiday decorations.  We talked about the ones at Ft. Wilderness in an earlier post, but we also spent time looking at the decorations in the hotels and parks.  Disney does Christmas great and we highly recommend going sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas to see it.  The best time is between 12/1 and 12/15 to avoid most of the crowds.  There were plenty of spots during the weekdays.  The Fort was full on Friday and Saturday night.

Hoop-De-Coo ReviewHoop-De-Doo Review

We did the Hoop-De-Doo Review dinner show, the Family Christmas present from our daughter.  I got picked on by Claire and we had a blast.  Sonya said it helps to be old, balding and sitting in the center if you want to be singled out.

Pace Family ChristmasDisney World Contemporary Hotel at night

Sonya took down the camp with one exception.  She did not want to dump the tanks and made that my job.  She said she was going to supervise my daughter doing it in in February so it was realistic practice. (Sonya's note:  I've told the young ladies I'd take care of accommodations but they had to take care of dumping the tanks, I don't care how they just have to get it done.  So if you are at Fort Wilderness in  February watch out for two innocent looking young ladies...)

Coming home we got 14.7mpg.   Overall we had a great trip.

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