Friday, October 1, 2021

Heading to the Fusing in the Ozarks Fall 2021 Rally - Day 1


Well we are off to the Fusing in the Ozarks Rally in Harrison, AR.    Our first time out now that Summer is over.    We are super excited and heading down the road.   

Our first stop this trip is in Tupelo, MS at the Campground at Barns Crossing.   You can read about this camp groups at:    We have stayed at this campground several times and it is a good one just off of I-22.   Take note that this campground does not take credit cards so bring a checkbook or cash.

With COVID still around it is a little different traveling.   We normally stop for takeout once or twice a day.  We are finding that this is a hit or miss proposition.   Going up restaurants in Alabama all seemed to be open more or less normal.  Once in Mississippi, the fast food restaurants were drive through only.  So We got lunch at an Arby's in Dothan, Al but missed out on KFC chicken just outside of Tupelo.  I guess I could try bringing the FUSE through the drive through, but I am not really that brave.

So on Tuesday, We went from Tallahaseee to Tupelo.  I won't report on the milage on the first tank of gas since it was a partial, a lot of idling in the driveway and up and down the road around the house.   We drove a total on Tuesday of 425 miles.   And on the second tank of diesel we got 14.97 mpg going from Dothan, Al to Tupelo, MS.   Not too bad for mostly Interstate Driving at 75mph.

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