Sunday, October 3, 2021

Fusing in the Ozarks Fall 2021 Rally - Day 4 - Harrison, AR

 Friday is the start of a Fuse Rally.   A large number of people get there a day or two early but the official start is usually on Friday.  The rally in Harrison was no different.  More units rolled in all day long until 25  units were at the park.   Well To be exact 24 Fuses and 1 Ekko but it is a really just a younger sibling of the Fuse.

People were out helping others fix problems with their Fuses.  Lots of experts in the group were providing tips on how to use features on the Fuse and showing people the ways they modded their units to make them more to their liking.   

Fusing in the Ozarks - Pot Luck

Fusing in the OzarksFusing in the Ozarks

The festivities started at 5:30 with the Pot Luck dinner.  As always, there was a huge amount of food, probably twice what was needed. And everything I tried was really good.  It is amazing what can be created given the small size of the units.  Things in crock pots and I even saw some bread.

After dinner,  Rebecca, the organizer of the Rally did introductions and started off the event.   We have people from as far away as Florida and California and everywhere in between.   It is amazing to see this many Fuses in one spot.   There were going to be more be there were a number of last minute cancellations and with COVID going around and other health issues I was happy to see this many.

Lee from Winnebago gave a short talk about what he was going to talk about on Saturday and got mobbed with questions.  Lots of people are really interested in the Ekko he brought with him that has all sorts of cool features and things we recommended would be nice in a Fuse but I think the universal consensus was that they were not as interested in the cassette toilet.  That was not an idea from the Fuse community.

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