Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fuse Wash Brush

We drove down to Tampa and back this weekend, and when we got home the front of the Fuse was covered with bugs.   It is time for the semi-annual mating season for the lovebugs here in Florida.  Love bugs are attracted by the CO2 on the roadways and come in pairs so when you hit them you get 2 for 1.

So when we got back home we had to clean them off before they caused damage.   The splatter they leave tends to eat the finish.

My first several times washing the Fuse involved a blue brush on a three foot pole and getting up on a ladder.   I have found something that works much better.

Carrand 93088 8' brush

I purchased a Carrand 93088 10" Bi-Level Brush with 8' Aluminum Handle.  It cost $40.00 but it has worked great. It does not squirt water through the brush like some others do.  The blue brush I have does this but I never use it.  It is too much bother to turn on and off.   I prefer the accuracy of the hose with a sprayer attached.    I am still not using soap and still looking for which cleaning product to use.

The way I go about washing the Fuse is to wet down a section of the Fuse and wet down the brush.   Brush the section working from the top down.   I then rinse off what I just went over.  I spray off the brush if it is dirty.  It gets pretty dirty scrubbing lovebugs.  I then go on to the next section.

Carrand 93088 8' brushCarrand 93088 8' brush

Carrand 93088 8' brushCarrand 93088 8' brush

The nice thing about this brush is that I can reach everything on the Fuse other than the roof from the ground.  As you can see from the photos, it does make washing the motorhome easier.

The brush is pretty soft so I am not concerned about scratches.  It is firm enough to get off what is there.   

The handle is nice and stiff so I have good control.  It extends from about 4 foot long to 8 feet.   There is no give even when extended out to its full length.  In general it is working for me really well and makes the task of washing the Fuse much easier.

So far I am not carrying this with me in the Fuse.  I am leaving it at home.  I am not sure what the protocol is for washing your motorhome at a campground.  I also have not found a need to do so yet.  

On the other hand,  I did make sure it would fit in the outside lower rear compartment where I am keeping most of outside stuff.  I only need to figure out how to keep damp brush head from getting the other stuff stored there wet and then it could come along.  I will probably do this in the future.

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