Friday, August 26, 2016

Petzl E+LITE Headlamp

I have 3 flashlights in the motorhome.   One a traditional Maglight,  a Fenix high power LED light and a small Petzl headlamp.

Petzl E+LITE

The headlamp is a Petzl E+LITE.   This is a very small light.  It uses two CR2032 button batteries and is just slightly larger than the batteries.   It is not the most powerful light only putting out  a maximum of 26 lumens, but that is plenty for task lighting. Task lighting is what I tend to use a headlamp for.

I have several flashlights.  I have been getting rid of the cheap ones since they never seem to work when I need them.  The Petzl is a good one I have replaced several of the cheap ones with.

Petzl E+LITE

I love the size and the weight.  It was designed for backpackers and mountain climbers.  Besides its size, there are several nice features about the Petzl E+LITE that made me buy one.

First is that it will produce either white light or red light.  The white light has an output of 5 lumens on low mode and 26 lumens on high power.  The red light is pretty bright, but is not specified in the manual.  You can also select a mode where it will flash either the white or the red light.  Petzl  says these modes are so you can be seen.  They are right.

Petzl E+LITEPetzl E+LITE

Second is the E+LITE  has a retractable headband.  It is more of a headstring than a headband but it works and keeps the clutter down to a minimum.  In addition to putting this around my head, I have worn it on my arm and looped it to put it on the beagle's collar.   In the middle of the night with the flashing red light there is no excuse not to be seen.

Petzl E+LITE

The headstring is not something you would want to wear for hours on end, though you could.  But for the motorhome where you would need to to connect up utilities at night it would be fine.

The other thing that I liked about the light is the battery lifetime.  On high it is good for 50 hours and on low it should run for 70 hours.  I doubt I use it that much in a year.  It is designed to be stored.  The CR2032 batteries do not self destruct like alkaline batteries either.  That probably means that I will not have to change the batteries for years.

The manufactures web site for the light is here.   I purchased mine from Amazon.  It was around $30.00.  You can sometimes find them on sale for just a little over $20.00.

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