Thursday, August 4, 2016

Easy Closet Mod

Fuse closet mod

I made a quick modification to the closet.  We have been storing the cab side shades and our broom in the closet.  Problem has been that since we do not put many clothes in the closet they sit at a diagonal and flop around on occasion.  Looking at the closet there is sort of a cutout along the left side where a chase goes up to the roof.  Looking at the size, I thought if I could put an elastic cord or two there I could have some of the taller things nicely organized.

Fuse closet mod

So I got a couple of screw eyes and a bungee cord  and off I went. I first made sure the eyes were very short since I did not want to a) go through the woodwork and b) penetrate something important. They looked short enough so I screwed them in.

Then I attached the bungee.  It was too long so I put some knots in the cord until it was short enough for our purposes.  I did not want the bungee  very tight since we don't want too much force pulling in on the eyes.     I need to get a bungee that is the right length but I was doing this with materials on hand so this will do for a while.

It held up well on our short trip to the coast.  No noises or rattles so I will call this good.

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