Monday, September 30, 2019

Branson Trip - Last Day of the Get Together

Well Sunday was the last day of the Get together.   Sonya, Lily and I had a great time.  If you get a chance, you should come to one.  Whether you own a Fuse or you are just interested, you will be welcomed and make friends for life.

Sunday started off with some people leaving early, but most stayed for the breakfast.  Doughnuts and muffins and some really good coffee.

The Spring 2020 Get Together is currently tentatively planned for the first weekend in May in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  Please underline the word planned.  Sonya and I are penciling it in our calendars.  We will get at least one new State for our Fuse if we make it.

We said our goodbyes,  unhooked the utilities and headed down the road.  When we came into Branson on Friday, Siri brought us around the back side of the strip missing all of the traffic.  Leaving on Sunday I wanted to see what the strip was all about so I turned to the left as I exited the park.  Then for the next hour we traveled at 5mph the rest of the way out of town.  Even on Sunday morning the traffic was all backed up.  It was cool to see everything however, but now I have it out of my system.

We finally got out of town and then shot down the road.  Today we were heading for the half way mark between Branson and Tallahassee.  When we looked, that spot was Tupelo, MS.   Tupelo was 6 or so hours away.  So off we went.  We even passed one of our Fusers.  Friends who were also leaving and heading to Tupelo as well.

The path we choose took us down mostly 2 lane highways.   Up and down hills, through valleys and on some very curvy roads.  We went through a number of small towns and we saw some really nice vistas.  The road eventually brought us up to Memphis and then we got on the Interstate.  An hour or so later we were at our destination for the night.  The Campground at Barnes Crossing.

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