Friday, December 1, 2017

2018.5 Changes in the New Brochure

Winnebago Fuse 23T - 2018.5 Marketing photo

The marketing materials for the 2018.5 Fuse are now out on the Winnebago web site now.  The link is

Here are the changes readily apparent from the brochure:

Fuse Compressor RefrigeratorFuse Compressor Freezer
  • Compressor Refrigerator from Nova-Cool 5.5 cu ft.  Changed from a 5.3 cu ft absorption refrigerator
  • 200w solar standard  from Zamp  - 2 panels 
  • 2  batteries standard  (still wet cell - group 24)
  • Optional 1,000w inverter
  • LED ground-effect lighting on cab steps
  • Cab Window Blinds as opposed to Privacy Panels 

Winnebago Fuse Angled rear end
  • The rear end has been angled off by 2 inches
Winnebago Fuse Aluminum Wheels

  • Optional Aluminum Wheels
  • Colors have changed slightly
    • Glazed Kona wood has been added.  Washed Maple is not listed
    • Spark and Element are the two interior color palettes.  Jumper and Blueprint are not listed
    • Body Paint is now Winter Gray.  It appears a little darker than the Magnetic color on the 2017 Fuse
So how can I tell if I am looking at a 2018 vs a 2018.5 model?  There is a X2 in the serial number vs an X1 and it has all of these changes.

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