Friday, December 1, 2017

2018.5 Changes in the New Brochure

Winnebago Fuse 23T - 2018.5 Marketing photo

The marketing materials for the 2018.5 Fuse are now out on the Winnebago web site now.  The link is

Here are the changes readily apparent from the brochure:

Fuse Compressor RefrigeratorFuse Compressor Freezer
  • Compressor Refrigerator from Nova-Cool 5.5 cu ft.  Changed from a 5.3 cu ft absorption refrigerator
  • 200w solar standard  from Zamp  - 2 panels 
  • 2  batteries standard  (still wet cell - group 24)
  • Optional 1,000w inverter
  • LED ground-effect lighting on cab steps
  • Cab Window Blinds as opposed to Privacy Panels 

Winnebago Fuse Angled rear end
  • The rear end has been angled off by 2 inches
Winnebago Fuse Aluminum Wheels

  • Optional Aluminum Wheels
  • Colors have changed slightly
    • Glazed Kona wood has been added.  Washed Maple is not listed
    • Spark and Element are the two interior color palettes.  Jumper and Blueprint are not listed
    • Body Paint is now Winter Gray.  It appears a little darker than the Magnetic color on the 2017 Fuse
So how can I tell if I am looking at a 2018 vs a 2018.5 model?  There is a X2 in the serial number vs an X1 and it has all of these changes.


  1. Thanks for all the information you provide.

  2. I've been enjoying your blog about Fuse for more than a year now! You even answered my question about possibility of taking a wedge off the rear (as was done by the factory on the 2018.5) However, I beg to differ on the following:
    As you wrote about the new 2018.5 Fuse: "Color is a personal thing."
    No, it is not! Perhaps on a motorcycle or a convertible, but not on an RV! Color is not just cosmetics, it is a fundamental property of a solid object in regards of heat transfer!! The darker the color the less reflection of the light from the Sun and the hotter it gets on the surface and insight!!! The only reason we didn't buy the Fuse yet has been just that -- no option for a simple white or silver color scheme!
    Proof? A grade school experiment: get three identical enclosed paper boxes; paint one white, one (Fuse) brown/gray and one black. Put these in the sun on a calm day with a thermometer (sensor) in each of these. Let it cook for half hour, check the temperatures inside of each and compare -- you'll soon consider painting or wrapping your Fuse with white or silver; BTW, Ford has a really nice "Platinum White" metallic paint, not cheap, but perfect for our prospective Fuse ;-)
    Take care and let me know of your response to my "complaint."
    Cheers, JaKo