Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What are Sumo Springs

Here is an interesting video about Sumo Springs and what they are.     Sumo Springs are from a company called SuperSprings.   This video talks about several of their products so you can see how and why they developed Sumos.

Sumos are just one of the options to increase the rear height to avoid scraping the rear.  Adding additional leaf springs and adding rollers are other options people have come up with to protect the rear end.

Based on conversations with others, the Sumos should add an 1.5 inches of additional clearance.    The model number for the Heavy Duty SumoSprings for the Fuse is SSR-121-54.   List price is approximately $300 though I have seen them as low as $230.  The costs for a set of HD Sumos and have them installed should be less than $500 including a hour or so of labor.  It is a fairly easy modification and those with access to heavy duty jacks and jack stands are able to do it themselves.

If you do not care about the whole SuperSprings line and only want to listen about Sumo Springs, jump to 6:40 in the video.

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